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Here's my ongoing doc of peer-reviewed studies on SARS-CoV-2.

Year 1 --> Lockdown: Schools closed in March, on full lockdown, and we taught asynchronously from home. I spent March Break making videos for all my classes, and was up for the challenge created by Covid. I argued that the board's messaging, that marks couldn't go down from this point, set up Careers and Civics teachers for headaches, just starting new classes with students who didn't expect to have to do anything

20-03-20 - The New Normal
20-03-21 - On Expectation
20-04-04 - I'm Fine, Really

Year 2 --> Mask and Distance: Quadmesters! 2 courses for 2 months each, alternating 2 weeks at a time. I had my prep times at the very beginning and ending of the year, so I taught October to May without any time to prepare or mark. First semester, we taught hybrid (15 kids in the room, 15 at home), with one class at a time for two weeks, with all kids eating a 10 a.m. lunch together indoors, with no option to leave. I questioned that indoor lunch break since we could have easily let them leave for the day at 12:00. Masks were mandatory except when eating, but teachers had to wear loose surgical masks provided. I snuck in N95s. Classes would go for regular walks around the school, and I asked if we could go in one direction so people would stop smashing into each other, but was told it's not my place to question the rules. A few months later they suggested we walk clockwise. I taught a section online, but had to do it from inside the school, and they didn't have a room for me, so I made a desk out of a plank of wood! We were under a lockdown (teaching from home) from Dec. 26, 2020 to Feb. 16, 2021. 

Second semester, vaccinations became available to adults, then kids. I worked fully online and was allowed to work from home! But I still had to sit in a room during my prep period, and sometimes I ended up in an empty stairwell to avoid teachers working without masks. 

21-05-16 - Got a Better Idea?

Year 3 --> Mask and Vax: First semester, we had two classes/day, rotating weekly, all in masks, and kids could choose to eat inside or outdoors. It was pretty manageable, but could have been made safer with better masks, filtration, and ventilation.

21-10-10 - Nobody's Rules - Arendt
21-10-16 - On Moral Injury
21-10-30 - On Burnout
22-01-30 - Lunatic Fringe?

Second semester, we had four classes/day (the regular system). Mask mandates were dropped in March. I fought for masks and Corsi-Rosenthal boxes in the classroom. I got nowhere. I left teaching early on a mental health leave in April, two months before my official retirement date. 

22-03-21 - Not Dead Yet! 
22-04-18 - Masks Work
22-05-19 - Pandemic Amnesia
22-08-16 - Strap One on for Safety (3QD article)
22-08-17 - A Useful Crisis
22-08-28 - On Divisiveness

Year 4 --> Infect around and find out! Back to normal - regular classes and no masks despite higher case numbers. Thank God I'm retired - but I'm still fighting to keep the kids safer in schools!

22-09-07 - It Ain't Over!
22-10-09 - On Being a Bad Person (3QD article)
22-10-15 - The New Wave
22-10-20 - Campaigning on Covid (3QD article)

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