Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Complete Chaos

A UK journalist wrote about the recent death of a 9-year-old girl in BC. He intersperses his thread with parts from this article, but I just included his commentary and quotes below:

 'Strep A' and 'flu' death in 9-year-old kid in Canada: but even this case is not as rapid a decline as what we are seeing in the UK. Timeline here: kid taken to the hospital feeling ill: told they have flu, kid shows signs of potential bacterial infection. 

"Saturday, Nov. 26, a severe rash all over her body, dehydration, fever, nausea and lethargy pointed to something more than the flu." OK, the clock starts here let's say.

These are clear signs of a bacterial infection: "She was passed out in the waiting room . . . really dehydrated and can't keep anything down." 

But see we have time here? Although the doctors are doing the wrong things: it's not going STRAIGHT INTO multi organ failure. 

Sunburn like rash... that just seems to have been ignored for some reason.

I know there's a pathological obsession with not giving antibiotics for viral infection, but this is really absurd: Some improvement on Saturday after this, then Sunday it gets much worse. 

"Her rash got worse. She had swelling around her eyes and joints and her fever was high."

From this we know that they sampled her throat for Strep A: It's not telling us that it's in her blood though, though given what looks like sepsis it could well be. 

So we're on to Monday (3 days since they first went to hospital). It gets worse. Doctors confirm from the swabs Strep and flu: no Covid testing?????

This is absolute chaos: the doctors knew she was going to die and so were trying to get her put in another hospital so it wouldn't be their fault: "They weren't telling us much, just that Ayla was really sick, and they didn't have the resources and staff to treat her properly, so they had to send her to Vancouver Children's Hospital. They said they were going to airlift out that evening, but we still didn't know how bad it was." 

Airlifted for what reason exactly?

The Loseths found out how bad it was when a second pediatrician came in and overruled the first doctor. "She took one look at Ayla and said, 'This is wrong, we need to rush her into ICU immediately.'" 

At that point, she said. says the attitude changed from nonchalant to all hands on deck. "It was complete chaos. Despite best efforts, Ayla passed away hours later."

Sadly this is an all too common story, but it's still not moving as fast as what we've seen in the UK where they essentially from normal and are in multi-organ failure dead in a matter of hours. 

Small comfort. 

The family is speaking out about this and has a go-fund-me going. 

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