Wednesday, December 7, 2022

How Bad Does It Have to Get??

I'm not sure what it will take to wake people up to the tragedy we're wading through right now enough to slap on a mask whenever they leave the house, but this 3 minute TikTok is from a front line nurse in Ajax, Ontario: 

"To see a big strong man drop to his knees to see his baby in that condition. . . . This baby died ON THE FLOOR of the emergency room. . . . We have moved well passed crisis mode at this point. . . . And you [Ford and Jones] are shameful. . . . Sleep well you two - in hell."



♬ original sound - Nancy Halupa

When I post about children dying or parents having to drive kids to a hospital in another city because ours is full, I have people on Facebook who respond with laughing emojis. Do they think it's all fake?? Or are they excited for the depleted population?? So unnerving that this is where we are right now. 

For some reason, Hotel Rwanda keeps coming to mind today.

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