Saturday, November 25, 2023

It's a Ruse!

We have to acknowledge how far we've gone down the rabbit hole of lies to be able to ignore this Covid wave that's almost reaching the highest peak of hospitalizations.

It's the third leading cause of death and children are the fastest growing population affected by it, but people still balk at masks. 

Forbes made it clear that ditching masks is all about saving money:

"As an industrial hygienist, Seminario was extremely critical that there were no experts in respiratory protection on the committee. . . . She believes that the HICPAC committee members are likely so opposed to respirators 'because once you are into recommending respiratory protection, with that comes a full respiratory protection program from OSHA', with penalties for violations."

Our current wave actually made a mainstream paper: yesterday's Toronto Star: 

"Ontario Covid Wastewater signal hits one-year peak: Your chance of being exposed is very high. . . . Health-care professionals are recommending the public undertake a familiar suite of measures to protect themselves . . . wear a high-quality mask in crowded indoor settings like public transit, and stay home from work or school if you are under the weather."

Some healthcare professionals are saying that, but not any officials at public health who could, in a minute, mandate masks again. We're heading into exam season, and most students show up even when very sick because getting excused is far too complicated; it's too great a risk to miss out on those marks. Universities won't let students have anything on their desks during exams except a pen, pencil, and sometimes a calculator. No mini-HEPAs or Far-UV lights are allowed in the massive exam rooms packed full of mainly unmasked students who have to be there for several hours despite current hospitalization rates looking like this:

The current peak is the third-highest ever, yet nobody's going to implement masks, and most people are just following orders, doing what they're told and not one iota more. We have learned nothing from the 1930s.

Check out Themme_Fatale's 2 minute video about Covid propaganda (℅ biomimic): "You can't feel organ damage!"

And part two - another 2 minutes (also from biomimic): "Take a moment to sit in the discomfort of the fact that we have all internalize propaganda . . . in order to make us keep the economy alive instead of each other."


Laura Fry said...

While BC *does* have a limited mandate in place, it's far too little and too damned late, imo.

This week I heard of one local person who recently died from covid, and another after a cross country trip now has sore throat and cough. And so many more of my local friends complaining bitterly about the 'horrible' cold that's going round. Yeah, about that... :(

Most of my words are not fit for public, so I'll stop here.

Marie Snyder said...

It's so frustrating to watch it all enfold just as so many studies and researchers predicted, and watch public health do bugger all to try to stop it!

Marie Snyder said...

Thanks, Anon. Here's the full link to the article. It appears to conclude that there are lots of problems with current studies, but "there is strong evidence that masks do work to prevent the spread of respiratory illness", but that a randomized control trial is the wrong methodology to test it, which has been said many times throughout - particularly in takedowns of that Cochrane Report paper. Masks aren't perfect, and better masks are definitely better (N95 respirators outperform surgical masks - and I know I should stop saying "mask" when I really mean "respirator" but it's part of the vernacular at this point.)