Sunday, March 5, 2023

In the News...

A couple unnerving things happened recently that I'm just catching up with. First, the CDC quietly added an update for guidance around certifying death from Covid last February. The controversial bit is here:

And then the NACI announced that bivalents are waning in effectiveness, and people really need two doses, BUT the only people allowed a second one are the immunocompromised and over 65. The funny thing is that it doesn't appear to be because there aren't enough to go around, since so few people are getting the shots at all anymore. For those who actually want more protection, you might not be allowed to get it. Once the bulk of us are over five months from a vaccine, we're all basically back to pre-vaccine times. 

For the love of all that is good in this world, please wear a mask when you're in a public place!!

In other news, Ford raised $6 million in the biggest political fundraiser in Canadian history that was also one of the first to be completely closed to the media, so that's not sus at all. And the Antarctic sea ice is at the lowest levels ever recorded! 


It's not just that we're facing enormous problems that's frustrating, but that we have the solutions, so many books and conferences and accords on how to prevent climate change and the Delphi Consensus telling us exactly what to do to prevent the spread of Covid, but we're just not going to do those things. 

It's a funny world. 

And I'm just doing the math trying to decide if I should take CPP at 60 or 65. For me the pivot point, when you get more money for waiting, is at age 72. So the big question is, what are the odds I can survive the next 15 years?? 

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