Tuesday, May 2, 2023

There is No Cure for Covid Except Maybe MAiD

Dr. Rae Duncan is a cardiologist who, pre-pandemic, mainly saw people aged 55-80. Now most of her clients are 16-40. They were previously healthy, but Long Covid affected their heart. Most are housebound, some cannot walk. Some are in bed for over 20 hours per day, and can only sit up for 15 minutes at a time. Here's the video, but I've summarized it with some quotations further down:

"I don't see how this is sustainable in the longterm. I am seeing the devastating impact of this virus on young lives that have been damaged on a massive scale. . . . It makes me angry because some of this could be prevented . . . There's a need for public health to be extra vigilant on the new variants to reduce re-infection rates from this virus. We already know from published data that re-infection increases the risk of Long Covid and vascular complications. And there needs to be a plan for the level of health care provision we're going to need in the future moving forward. If we don't look, we can't see. . . . We know now that Covid is causing endothelial damage . . . that means the virus is responsible for causing inflammation of the inner lining of the blood vessels. . . involved in the pre-cursor to Long Covid. . . . There are papers from multiple continents looking at millions of patients all showing the same thing, that there is a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular complications, not just in those with Long Covid, but anyone infected with Covid."

In one study looking at 1.4 million people who had a Covid infection, over a quarter of them had arterial thromboses, which can lead to heart attack or stroke within months of infection. Another shows that people retain an elevated risk of cardiovascular death or immobility after infection. 

We know that the more times someone's infected, the worse the outcome becomes, increasing the risk of Long Covid and cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and neurological complications, as well as death.

We know that children get Covid and are a major zone of transmission, and kids can get both PIMS-TS and Long Covid. Although many kids have a mild infection and appear to recover, scans have found after even a mild infection kids have damage in their lungs, an increase in type 1 diabetes, and some heart muscle damage. If we continue this plan of learning to live with Covid by removing all precautions and getting it over and over then, Dr. Duncan asks,

"What is that going to do to the organs of our children cumulatively over time? . . . How many infections can a child's body take repeatedly before they go on to become disabled adults. . . . I don't think we should be sitting back and playing roulette and waiting to find out."

We do NOT have a cure for this. We have nothing to offer when people get sick except for MAiD. Wear a mask whenever you leave the house at least until all public buildings have invested in clean air in a way that is visible with operating CR boxes, upper room UVGI, and CO2 monitoring on display showing less than 700 ppm. Keep in mind you're one illness away from being potentially disabled for life. 

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