Wednesday, December 14, 2022

What''s a Government to Do?

RevivalCare's erudite answer on Twitter to Breakfast Television's question: What do you think the federal government should do to help alleviate the current healthcare crisis?

  1. Provide free universal N95s to all Canadians, via a purchasing agreement with domestic manufacturers.
  2. Mandate all Canada Health Transfers are subject to audit, at the cost of the provinces.
  3. Have the provinces sign on to a national accreditation standard for Health Care workers.
  4. Establish national indoor safe air standards that correspond to airborne particulate and pathogen risk.
  5. Mandate minimum demography linked enrolment standards in medical school for the provinces as a condition of Canadian Health Transfer receipt.
  6. Legislate a new criminal code penalty for senior government officials and politicians responsible for health or Long Term Care portfolios who knowingly mislead the public or perpetuate unsafe conditions in public spaces.
  7. Implement national wastewater and serology surveillance for emerging and endemic disease.
  8. Criminalize interference with #7, and require changes to same be subject to a supermajority (70% of parliament). 
  9. Legislate a new criminal code penalty for private citizens who interfere with another individual's use of medical aids, such as PPE. Where these actions occur in workplaces, corporate officers should be directly responsible for criminal negligence. Aggravated conditions should include: perpetrated against a minor or vulnerable person, perpetrated by a learned intermediary, perpetrated by a professional college or someone acting in the capacity of a regulatory body, and perpetrated by a person in a position of trust.
  10. Criminalize violations of the Canada Health Act with respect to private payers. The corporate veil should not provide directors and officers indemnification.
On top of these pro-active measures, Emmett Macfarlane, political science prof whose book on the charter is coming out soon, explains that the government pandemic inaction could violate our Charter rights:
"This is, in short, the most acute mass governance failure of our lifetimes. The lack of mask mandates is only the most egregious of the failures. We abandoned vaccine mandates when we should have extended them to boosters, which would have reduced severe illness and death. . . . We failed to ensure schools were properly ventilated. We abandoned robust testing, so we don't even have good data on just how bad things are. . . . 

This utter lack of action is nothing short of mass homicide by neglect. It is quite literally a thousand times worse than the Walkerton tainted water scandal [summary here]. . . . How does governmental inaction not constitute a violation of the Charter, specifically section 7's right to life, liberty and security of the person ( and because there are vulnerable people disproportionately affected, section 15's equality rights)? . . .

By abandoning basic public health measures like mask mandates, governments have violated our right to life, liberty and security of the person. The opposed (imaginary) benefits of doing so are dramatically outweighed by the harms, indeed, they are grossly disproportionate. It's time for someone to launch a legal challenge on this basis and push open the door the Court left cracked in 2002. 
We need a public inquiry into these acts of negligence! 

Since the majority of people want mandates, according to a CTV poll, then how democratic is it if 3/10 people are denying a right to the other 7/10?

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