Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Breath of Fools

Another thread to save - this time from author Alisa Lynn Valdés. Warning: Lots of swears in this one!

The mechanism of SARS2? Endothelial damage. In plain English? Covid-19 fucks up the lining of your blood vessels. All 60,000 miles of it. Blood vessels lack nerves. You feel okay as it eats your arteries. Doesn't mean it's mild. It means the endothelium isn't innervated. So what happens when the endothelium is damaged? Well, the first thing to go are your capillaries and arterioles. They're the smallest blood vessels. One endothelial cell thick. If the endothelium is damaged, they can disappear, get clogged, leak. This won't show up on X-ray. What happens when your microvessels get fucked up? Microvessels are where all the exchanges that keep you alive take place. Oxygen gets from your lungs to your blood there. Nutrients get from your intestines to your blood there. The bad stuff is filtered out there.  So now imagine that those processes can't happen. Or can't happen like they used to. Your skin starves. Your kidneys get polluted. Your labs look normal. Your brain dies a little. Your eyes go bad. You don't die. Your government tells you you're fine. It was mild!

But you'll notice: Your heart beats too hard now. You feel things you didn't used to. If that capillaries die in your inner ear, you might not hear as well. You might hear ringing. People will say this is Long Covid. But here's a secret: It's just covid. This is what it does. 

Your overlords have misled you, and you have lapped it up because you like authority and dislike being scared. You want to trust them. It's easier than realizing the people who are supposed to care, don't. They don't care if you die. They don't care if you're sick. Everyone is in on the lie. If you send your kids into the world to get this artery-killing virus over and over, you're in on the lie. You'd never let them smoke and drink, because you care about their hearts. But Covid is worse. We tell you things. Show you studies. You don't care. Your doctors? Most don't care, either. They are automatons. Med school weeded out the creative thinkers. They'll give you inadequate tests because the AMA hasn't come up with adequate tests yet. No one is thinking. They follow lists someone else wrote. 

Using a CRP test to look for microvascular damage is like using the naked eye to look for distant galaxies. Won't work. Your doctor will say this means you're fine. Men like your doctor threw Galileo in a tower without ever looking in his telescope. The president said covid is over, and you believed him. Many of you thought it never existed. Many of you who thought that have died of covid. Or will. You cannot express your regrets for being that stupid once you're already dead, so you are very quiet about this now. 

It's not over. Americans are lazy as fuck. Easily bored. Attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, according to science. Whiny. Tired of playing covid, so let's just stop playing covid now. Let's do a laugh emoji when you try to warn us, because covid is boring.  Mutations are what cause evolution. Most of you don't believe in evolution. You don't believe in covid. So you sure as hell don't care about mutated covid viruses. You believe in bullying. It's what we do, as a people. We puff up our chests. We beat them. We beat everyone. We beat everyone by being brave. So we beat covid by getting bored and saying we weren't afraid of a little cold, while that 'cold' ate our arteries. I watch all this and feel...something. What, exactly, I can't say anymore. Used to be despair. Despair that you're this dumb. Despair that your stupidity will kill us all. It will seem slow. It's not slow. It will be lightning quick, in geologic time. In evolutionary time. Carlin was right. We are a cul de sac. An evolutionary cul de sac. And so it's not despair anymore. I feel this other thing.

I feel a solidarity. Solidarity with all the other people who see what's happening. What's being allowed to happen by people who know and don't care. We are living through a dark time. And you know what? It is quite likely the darkest tie in human history. Right now. 

So, how do we do it? How did the enlightened people live through dark times in the past? How is it done? This, I don't know. But I think that's what we need to learn now. There's no one left to be educated. They either know and don't care, or they don't care to know. I knew the collective delusions before. Lived with the marginalizations and dehumanizations every day. The lack of equity. Not fun. But I could live with that. I can't live with this. How do I avoid the air of this shared atmosphere? How do I avoid the breath of fools?

"But Alisa, this sounds SCARY!"

Yeah. No shit. Fear is a blessing. Fear exists to warn us about things that CAN HARM US. Covid is fucking scary. If you aren't afraid of covid you are either misinformed or you're an idiot. 

Here's the Nature article that provides info about endothelial dysfunction in covid that she discusses here. 

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lungta said...

It will be a while before there will be an estimate of how many years are lost per infection per person. 3 to 5? 4 to 8?
Fun times.