Friday, October 28, 2022

The John Snow Project on Spooky Masks

The John Snow Project has the singular goal of cleaning the air in public buildings the way its namesake demonstrated the link between cholera and contaminated drinking water, and eventually was able to convince the government to clean water for public consumption. Cholera was one of the deadliest diseases in 19th century Britain, so this was a big deal. 

Covid is currently one of the deadliest diseases right now, but we're still in the place where some people think it spreads by magic or happenstance or that people are getting sick from the vaccines, not the virus, or they throw up their hands at the lunacy of suggesting we can actually prevent transmission. We're right where John Snow was when he just turned off the contaminated tap himself to prove that there's a link. Our situation isn't hard to prove, but it's hard to be believed. In Future of an Illusion Freud talked about the difficulty of convincing people that God isn't real -- people will kill you if you take away a belief they need to manage their lives. So it is with Covid. People get angry if you try to tell them it's not over. 

More similarities here: 

I'm taking courses on spirituality and psychotherapy at WLU, which has mask mandates. Everyone admitted to the program had to pass a CASPer test to get in, which assesses, more or less, levels of compassion, other-centeredness, and morality. Yet, only about half the class wears a mask. I'm hoping my portable air purifier helps me make it through this term. Since I don't go inside any other buildings, if I get sick, it will be from this group of caring people who rebel against the rules, or find masks inconvenient, or who are pretty sure Covid is over anyway. My prof called the mask mandates a "leftover policy" on one of our first days, and that likely had an impact on the class. 

I called the Facility Service Desk to let them know CO2 in the room is in the "orange." It should be below 700ppm. 1000 gets us in the danger zone, and it's regularly about 1500 in class. I asked them to test if there are at least 6 ACH (air changes per hour), but the person I spoke to didn't know what that meant and just passed my message on. What are the chances it will be rectified by next class?

Anyway, the John Snow Project put out this excellent spooky video on masks:

Wear an N95 (they strap around your head, not your ears), and stay safe out there, kids!!

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