Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Erosion of Public Health

You would think that after dealing with Covid for over FOUR years that Public Health would be amazing at stopping Measles in its tracks, unless maybe they've been directed otherwise.

From Henry Madison:

Why persist with Covid questions? Because our greatest achievement in history was the invention of public health. Nothing else comes close. We went to war on infections, and suddenly people lived twice as long. Living with infections is a betrayal of our own history.

And Dr. Lisa Iannattone noticed,

Public health has changed a lot since Covid. Here’s a really concrete example of that. In 2019, PH in Montreal published a really detailed list of places people were exposed to measles: bus routes, malls, Walmart, etc. In 2024? The list is just healthcare, schools, and the airport (from here and here).

Why the sudden change in what information is made public? I highly doubt that none of these measles cases exposed people anywhere else. Did any of them go to a pharmacy or grocery store or coffee shop or hockey rink? And if so, why aren’t any of these locations being published? Not publishing these locations means 1. people don’t have the opportunity to protect themselves and others post-exposure, and 2. the fact that people are actively being exposed in the community (not just clinics and airports) is not being made explicit for the public. PH’s decision not to share every single exposure location the way they would have in 2019 is absolutely baffling to me. What’s the reasoning? How does the public benefit from withholding that information from us?

Dr. David Berger suggested, 

"My theory: prior to Covid, public health measures were not perceived as threatening short term profit generation. Now that they are, they are being rolled back." 


Laura Fry said...

So very depressing. Immune compromised people (and we are legion now, especially after years of covid infections - although I'm still covid free myself) are being exposed to diseases that will absolutely kill us, even though we are living perfectly good lives in spite of our health risks. Today I went to have a therapy session and while the therapist did wear a mask in the treatment room, very few others in the office were. Zero masks in the post office, zero masks in one shop I went into, and minimal masks in London Drugs. You'd think drug stores would be encouraging their staff to mask, but apparently not. So I continue to mostly stay home, and wear a mask from the time I step out of my vehicle until I am back in it when I do go out.

Marie Snyder said...

It's so depressing, and so overtly discriminatory against anyone with health issues or concerns. Someone said to me "true immune compromised are very rare" - and I'm not sure the veracity of that, but there are also people who are getting cancer treatment and covid would put that treatment on hold, or all the people who live with someone getting treatment or who's compromised or who just doesn't want to get a brain invasive virus! So bizarre to have to fight so hard to be allowed to be safe inside public buildings, eh??