Tuesday, June 20, 2023

It's Hard to Immigrate to New Zealand. I Checked

This one minute video is the type of thing the government of New Zealand posts: a virologist explaining that every Covid infection significantly increases the risk of getting diabetes, mental health issues, blood clots, breathlessness, chronic fatigue... so we need to do everything possible to protect ourselves.

Yup, Covid will quite likely be here forever. But that doesn't mean just resign ourselves to perpetual illness. Car accidents will be here forever, so we go to town with precautions: seatbelts, airbags, little screens helping us back up, and tons and tons of RULES around what we are allowed to do with our personal vehicle. You can't drive a beater on the road if it doesn't pass a safety - not like the good old days. We all just got on board with all these restrictions to our freedom because collisions can ruin lives. Sure, a small minority bitched and moaned about it all - no booze while driving in particular, but we ignored the bellyachers and moved on, to follow each new laws in order to protect ourselves and others. 

So why can't we do that with Covid? We just need a tipping point of people to get on board with having masks indoors - particularly in hospitals, schools, and grocery stores - until we get some legislation going to make clean air in public buildings and apartments mandatory. For some reason our government has aligned with the complainers who want personal freedoms at the expense of collective rights. And then we all lose. 

New Zealand dropped mask mandates in 2022, like the rest of us, but they've been working collectively to get the message out that Covid is still here, still very dangerous, and that masks work to prevent transmission. Where are Canada's PSAs to help people make wise risk assessments?

A poll of people in Japan found that over 80% of people voluntarily mask when they go out, so it's possible:

And how we're all doing, per capita:

Quick multiple choice quiz from Freakinbox

Which of these causes more learning loss?
a. remote learning
b. masks
c. fused brain cells

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