Friday, December 9, 2022

Ableism Affects Everyone - Even You

Happy Friday, everyone! Here's a fun TikTok explaining how ableism comes back to bite you in the butt in less than 2 minutes:

@khoyadoc you're not gonna be "fine". #ableism #capitalism #disability #longcovid #covid19 #left ♬ original sound - khoya doc


lungta said...

There is an old chinese saying that goes a bit like this
"It is hard to threaten a man with death when he has nothing to live for."
This would include all those facing the 6th extinction , global food and political insecurity while jobless or homeless or wage slaves or otherwise disenfranchised and void of hope.
This majority of humanity is depressed and demoralized beyond caring.
Around here it is those with vested interests wearing masks, either with children or a huge pile of money to burn off before they die.
The rest just roll the dice.
There is also paragraph in the AA big book that chides you with
"The whole world would be in perfect order if people would listen to you and only do what you think they should do." It goes on with acceptance is the key.
There are currently 8 billion souls on earth, all on their own spiritual journey, all making their own decisions, all at different stages of maturity. All however are aware of their ultimate demise. All are more easily understood if you see them as broken children when watching them respond.
Covid is horrible but our inability to deal with it is a symptom not the cause of our problems. Covid is the culmination of 10,000 clever money making improvements we made to the planet and society with no regard to the long term consequences. Or short term consequences. Or any consequences.
And for every nickel that was made it's payback time.
Unfortunately like in war those that made the nickel will not be those that pay the price.
Don't worry be happy. Fun times.

Marie Snyder said...

Absolutely when food and a home aren't easily accessed, then masks take a backseat to it all. In my circles, though, the people most likely to be anti-mask are the privileged, who seem to think all these "restrictions" shouldn't apply to them. They just want to go to dinner and travel without masks on. These are the ones I hope to reach: particularly the administrators, principals, teachers, and school staff who dramatically influence children in schools, and by extension, all of society. We were able to reduce teen pregnancy and STI rates just through educational campaigns. I'm hoping to do that with viral infections too.

I agree that we're all on a different path and can't expect to control others, absolutely, but that's not to say we can't put a better path in front of people that, at some point, because of one minor comment somewhere along the way, might click with them enough for them to change direction. The key is just not holding on to any expectation of that. I think you get that -- if you thought it entirely a waste of time to try to teach people a better way, I don't think you'd be commenting here!