Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How Could Covid Cause Kids to Die of Strep A??

A great thread from @1goodtern explains this study providing evidence to help people understand why children are dying of Strep A. All the loud letters are theirs.: 

Here's how.

Covid infects kids. It infects their tonsils. What does it infect there? What does it do there?

Covid infects and kills dendritic cells and lymphoctyes (cells that are used in fighting infection) in the tonsils - where Strep A has attacked these children.

Those numbers are very important, because those are the numbers of infected cells of these types IN CHILDREN WHO HAD BEEN ASYMPTOMATIC AND WELL ENOUGH TO HAVE AN OPERATION DONE TO REMOVE THEIR ADENOIDS AND/OR TONSILS.

Also, these are AVERAGE numbers. Some children will lose more of those protective cells, some will lose less. So Strep A won't kill every child, just the ones with the combination of the highest viral load and the least ability to fight it off. 

And this research was done in 2020/2021 before the repeat infection plan was introduced. Imagine what the levels of infection and damage to theses cells is in children that have been infected two, three, four, five times. 

Because that is what is currently happening in UK schools. 

Plus, some of the children infected with repeat Covid will be left with other damage that makes them more vulnerable. Damaged capillaries, microclots, tissue damage - that all make them more vulnerable to infection and less able to fight off infection. Repeat Covid is killing off the cells that kids' bodies need to fight off infection. So they can't fight Strep A.

Now, if you're arguing that it's covid restrictions or masks making kids vulnerable to Strep A (and RSV and Flue and every other virus), please can you show me how restrictions or masks are killing the cells that are needed to fight infections, please?

PS. People were flagging this up and predicting this would happen before it killed six kids.* 

PPS. To clear up one question - I don't have any basis for thinking that covid permanently damages your immune system. But research has proved it can damage it for eight months.** What do you think it does to you if you're infected every four months, which some kids are?

PPPS. This research is based on data over a year old and published a month ago. That's how long it takes to do research. But in the meantime, before we see the research that's done today and printed next year, can we STOP INFECTING KIDS WITH COVID.

PPPPS. "But surely if this were the case, the government would tell us!" You would really think that, wouldn't you?

We're up to nine children who have died of Strep A in recent weeks. 

**On that immunity damaged for eight months thing, that study was only running for eight months, and in that time, immunity didn't improve at all! So it's entirely possible it's a forever thing (kinda like AIDS)

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