Saturday, January 19, 2019

We Still Have Agency Around Climate Change

There's one seed left.

The Agenda talked with Michael Mann and a few others in the field about "Burnout and Despair: Studying the Climate"

Mann focused on the many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and said,
"Every bit of fossil fuels that we don't burn . . makes the future better. It's not a cliff we fall off of, it's a minefield we're walking through. . . . Any amount we can stop will help."
When asked if it's better to discuss the issue with brutal honesty or restrained and inauthentic optimism Mann said the issue is "not binary, not a matter of f'd or not f'd. It's a matter of how f'd. . . . The more carbon we burn, the worse it gets. We can become active participants in this."

And then they all laughed about how horrible it is to have an environmentalist at a dinner party, but some fear of the path we're on is necessary to motivate action. And then imagining what it could all look like if we get on board today can be empowering.

Also, check out Vice. There's one brief scene with focus group results affecting the Republican decision to change from calling it global warming, which is scary, to climate change, which doesn't bother people nearly as much! And here I thought it was because it's more accurate!


Lorne said...

Thanks, Marie. I found The Agenda's discussion of personal agency and the possibility of changing social norms provided a bit of a balm to my deep pessimism about climate change. I guess the lesson none of us should forget is that it ain't over till it's over.

Marie Snyder said...

Exactly. Time to bring in the heavy hitters. Michael Mann's twitter feed is generally motivating as well.