Wednesday, May 8, 2024

More Evidence the WHO is Complicit in Spreading Covid

More damning evidence that the WHO knew that Covid is airborne right from the get-go:

Maarten De Cock wrote,

"At the time when WHO was assuring the world: "Covid-19 is NOT airborne" a 'return to office--document for WHO staff in Geneva stated: Ventilation system has been modified - increased volume of external air - no recycling of air - filters rated as high as we can go."

Biomedical researcher, Mark Ungrin responded,

"This is absolutely damning!

As WHO was making its very big "mistake" that cost an enormous number of lives, denying airborne transmission, killing millions, and insisting "equity" means not cleaning the air - they also made sure they got Cadillac ventilation in their HQ. We have been fighting for years to get the bare minimum of air cleaning in schools to keep our children safe, and being told "no" because they say it's not airborne and not equitable. Meanwhile these fucking parasites spent our money to protect themselves from airborne COVID. They knew what they said in public was just about winning at medical politics. Literally millions of people dead in the biggest medical error in history, and they knew they were making it while it was happening. This didn't happen, it was done to us. 

From September 3, 2023

In case they take it down, here's the Internet Archive backup of the WHO document bragging about airborne mitigations at their HQ while they were busily trying to conceal the danger from the rest of us. No wonder they're trying to change the terminology. 

Note that this is when WHO was telling us that they were absolutely certain that Covid was not airborne. They called it "misinformation" to even suggest that it was. So why would they spend money to protect themselves from something they were so sure didn't exist?

They knew! 

WHO needs to be demolished. That's all there is to say. Redirect the budget to the good work done on teh ground, but the bloated unaccountable medical bureaucracy needs to go. Discard the attempt to manipulate terminology; fire the leadership.

End it."

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