Thursday, January 18, 2024

Elderly Activism

Fiona Atkinson, retired teacher, gave a couple of MPs a lesson that they refused to learn:

This is a video that was on the news in October, but then hit TikTok yesterday, so is just now being spread on social media. Funny how that works.

The interviewers are also MPs, something you don't see much of here (except that weird Ford Nation show), and they asked about grey haired protesters. As someone with a few grey hairs sneaking in the mix, I've noticed for years that most of the protesters at marches and rallies are older. They young make the news, but the old make the numbers. I've been one of the youngest ones in the group my whole life - even still! MP McVey ask if it's about having time or wanting a legacy, but Fiona just stays on course that it's about caring about children. They're hoping for a fluff piece about a little old lady full of piss and vinegar, and Fiona kept it on track to be about the science of climate change. 

At the end, McVey suggests that Fiona's problem is with the timeline she proposes. I don't think McVey understands what's going on in the world right now! 

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