Saturday, January 27, 2024

Climate Memes

I know weather is different from climate, but it feels like April outside today. 

All the snow's melting (at least we got some snow after a very green Christmas), and I started peeling off layers as I walked. 

Leon Simons (the "gentleman" climate scientist, not the Snowfall character) created the meme above. When it was criticized, he wrote:

"Some thought my meme wasn't accurate enough (it's a meme, not a peer reviewed paper). What about this one?"

A recent study he co-authored indicates that we're entering uncharted territory. Here are some graphs similar to ones that many of us have been seeing and maybe trying to ignore. It shows just how strikingly anomalous this past year has been:

There was another Davos meeting with climate on the agenda, and I only heard about it by seeing this cartoon:

On their website, they list 50,148 agenda articles. I'm not sure how they choose which end up on their front page, but right now they're mainly about economics, AI, and cybersecurity. The only climate article is about investment growth through decarbonization, and maybe it's good to advertise that "the fastest-growing opportunities include hydrogen, biofuels, lithium and electricity storage . . . biofuels, in particular offer a currently underappreciated area of growth," except I have some grave concerns about biofuels, and it all feels frighteningly lacking

A final meme from Alan Urban:

I'm not sure if I'm connecting the dots here in a wisdom kind of way or in a conspiracy kind of way, but...

I can't help noticing that we're letting a virus rip through people and promoting MAiD for anyone with just a mental health problem (I wrote previously that it feels like it's trying to eliminate the riffraff), and I keep wondering if the legislation around Covid and MAiD has anything to do with the fact that we're going to start running out of areas to live and grow food. 

Just in case that's the reality, beat the at their own game with an N95! 


COVID BASICS: (1-3 from Dr. Joe Vipond): 
"1. Covid is predominantly airborne. [It can cross a room in minutes and linger for hours.]
2. Over 50% of transmission is from asymptomatic people. [They feel perfectly healthy!!]
3. Long Covid is real and impacts a substantial number of people. We've NEVER EVER EVER had these three things told to us by the system. Not once. Not by our leaders." And also...
4. Vaccines help reduce severity of cases, but can't eliminate transmission (yet), and they wane in effectiveness within months because Covid mutates so fast (because of all the spread!) 
5. N95s trap Covid using inertial impaction, diffusion, interception, and electrostatic attraction. They really work!! (2 min video explanation)
6. Covid's the #3 killer in Canada, and we don't know how many people it has disabled. Avoid being one of them. There is no effective treatment for Long Covid, only prevention. Be wise with N95s! 

Well-fitting N95s reduce transmission by about 95% - even higher if everyone wears them; cleaning the air helps by about 30%, and vaccines reduces hospitalization by 60%. Put together, we could ALL be 99.999% protected from this mess and more! We don't have to get sick every winter; it's a choice.   

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