Friday, December 22, 2023

Songs for the Season

A few people are re-writing the classics.

Hellscape Neverland (from Deborah Holloway - I added the bridge and re-worked the final verse)

Sirens wail, are you listening?
Family tears, they are glistening
The ERs are crammed 
The wards are all jammed
This is SARS2 hellscape neverland.

Gone away, are the safe days
Here to stay, are the sick days
To cough and to wheeze
SARS2 in the breeze
This is SARS2 hellscape neverland.

In the winter, we can use filtration:
CR boxes, N95s for all
Crack a window, don't forget vaccination
You can keep people safe and still have a ball.

We have the tools to build a safe place
If we care about the human race
We'd clean air and vax
We'd test and we'd mask
And escape the SARS2 hellscape neverland.

The Twelve days of Covid Christmas from Tern

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
12 drummers drumming (up support for herd immunity by mass infection)
11 pipers piping (infected air into your lungs)
10 lords a leaping (to say that the pandemic is over)
9 ladies dancing (on the graves of covid victims)
8 maids a milking (sympathy for having to wear those bothersome masks)
7 swans a swimming (through rivers filled with wastewater laden with SARS-CoV-2)
6 geese a laying (it on thick about how mild their last bout was)
5 bold lies
4 waning herds
3 wretched wens
2 red lines
And a variant that gave me D&V

And for those of us in Ontario, from Theo Moudakis:

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