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Klondike Papers

I'm just getting my head around it all here. But I've watched lots of videos and read lots of threads, and here's what seems to be happening in as brief a nutshell as possible. I don't know what's absolutely true here, but it's a compelling story with lots of supporting documentation available to the media, which mostly isn't biting at this point, except for Press Progress and some small independents like Blackballed and the Dean Blundell Show. This is paraphrased and/or transcribed and re-assembled for brevity and clarity from the sources linked at the bottom in a way that I can understand it, and I believe I haven't misrepresented what was said, although I don't always clarify who said what, so do check out the videos and articles on it! It's fascinating!

ETA (June 16) --> Check out Justin Ling's article. He disproves some of the points below including that Chipeur is NOT a lawyer for the CP or Poilievre. The file has nothing about the convoy or Russian financing or any kind of harm to Trudeau. He questions the credibility and motives of Wallace and Jacobson: "The fact is, both men had burned their professional relationships." The PBCC is about as shady as Scientology, but isn't this powerful or nefarious. I've corrected a few things below in red or crossed out (but visible so you can see what was added and removed) based on Ling's article and Richard-freakin'-March's contact with me to clear up some misconceptions! Gosh! 

ETA a bit more on June 19 --  Press Progress wrote about the problem when "people who have never seen the documents began trying to explain their significance," like me. In my defence, I said from the get go that I'm just trying to make sense of some podcasts, later clarifying (on June 14th) that I don't have the skill set to fact check things like Russian involvement in our politics. I wrote the following disclaimer once I started getting an unusual amount of traffic taking me from about 100 hits on a post to 40,000 on just this one. I'm not here for hits, so I'm not baiting readers, just trying to bring some clarity to what's unclear and unwittingly muddying up the waters in the process! I'm sorry if I misled anyone to believe the claims, when I, myself, wasn't certain of their veracity. I said as much twice in this preamble, but apparently it wasn't enough.   

ETA: Disclaimer: This is just a tiny blog, not a news article with editors and fact checkers. Normally, a handful of people read anything I write here. I'm usually careful with citations anyway, so boy do I regret not citing each specific piece of information below. I took notes in a pile as I watched videos and read articles, with some parts verbatim and some parts paraphrased, without always tracking who said what or where, and then put it together under headings to try to figure it all out, noticing some patterns or connections that may or may not be the case. The post seems to be useful to people, but, really, DO check out the videos and articles yourself to see if you get the same picture from it all. The Reddit post at the end has some recording and verification, but I haven't listened to that or seen any of documents available to the press. I have no idea how much of any of this is true, but it sure is a compelling narrative that could make sense of some things if a media team took some time to unravel it further! 


Long ago I bought in to the idea that Stephen Harper is the puppet-master of all the provincial conservative parties, but that's not quite it. These Klondike Papers show that Harper and most federal and provincial conservatives in power are being run influenced by an outside organization with ties to Russia and the United States: the Universal Business Team (UBT). It's the financial wing of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC), which has congregations all over, a big one being in Grand Prairie, Alberta. They have one in the industrial section of Toronto, all fenced up; they don't do community outreach, but they'll talk to anyone. They are strongly exclusive, only willing to talk to people within the church, run their own schools and businesses in a closed economy, but they do some dealing with hand picked leaders and CEOs to shape the world to their benefit. The church started in 1827 in Ireland, but was radicalise in the 1960s under "Big Jim" Taylor, in Brooklyn. at which point UBT began to become the point of the church in the 2000s - to make big deals and shut out the rest of the world. PBCC is all a front for profits, not prophets, which can be seen if we look at registries, lobby lists, shell corporations, etc. A coherent picture emerges. There is a handful at the top controlling this fascist mafia-type movement. 

The top players (many are related and all are interconnected) start with Bruce Hales in Australia at the very top, dictator of it all, and considered to be the prophet and incarnation of the Holy Spirit. Brad Mitchell, President of Klondike Lubricants (hence the name of the papers) who works out of Australia and B.C. oversees the PBCC's private schools, and is the Canadian CEO of Ox Group International. Keith Prince is the president of UBT and Ontario business Tillsonburg Tube, which paid Wallace on behalf of financed San Francisco business owner, Rod Diplock a New Jersey director of the PBCC and UBT, and who runs Controltek USA. Mick Strange, Australia, is GM a director of UBT and CEO of Allfasteners USA. Alan Hallman is a political operative and lobbyist since the 1990s and Jason Kenney's campaign manager; his son, Chad Hallman, works for Alberta Health. And Gerald Chipeur, a lawyer with Miller Thomson LLC (lawyer for Stephen Harper, Ezra Levant, and Pierre Poilievre), seems to call all the shots on the ground. Chipeur is referred to as the most dangerous man in Canada. He has dual citizenship with the U.S., and is tight with Ted Cruz, and there's some insinuation that he's related to Poilievre - the dude currently running hard for the leadership of the federal conservative party.  

This all came out when, in about January 2021, David Wallace (a "fixer" living in Calgary) and Nathan Jacobson (a businessman with a long international history and friends in high places) were called by Mitchell, Diplock, and Chipeur to, basically, kidnap Richard Marsh, claiming he had a Canada-wide warrant out for him. When Wallace found him, it turned out Marsh is a whistleblower who escaped the church in 2015 after discovering and reporting fraud in related businesses (like this), and the church wanted to get rid of him. There was NO warrant out for his arrest. Wallace and Jacobson are behind the scenes players, but with a moral compass, and they refused to turn him over, protecting him instead. Jacobson was also asked by the church to do whatever it takes to stop remove Trudeau, "name your price," which could be interpreted as asking for him to kill our Prime Minister, although they never said "kill" and never set a price. Chipeur wasn't happy how the call ended when Jacobson told him off.  

Wallace reported it all to a senior RCMP officer, complete with a recording of the phone call. Then Hallman (Kenney's campaign manager) paid Wallace to try to discredit a RCMP officer investigating the Kenney vote scandal, but he wasn't able to made it look like the RCMP were guilty of a crime in Alberta, and the officer was removed from the case. Wallace took his story recording of the phone call to the Calgary police and handed all files over to several journalists. If it weren't true, possibly Wallace would be arrested by now. 

PCBB has lawyers prepped for damage control in reaction to this going public. It's the same lawyers used by Prince Harry and Megan Markle, extremely expensive and thorough. Their plan is to let Mitchell take the fall for anything that happens and claim the rest of PCBB has no knowledge of anything.


Back in April of this year, CBC reported that former Alberta justice minister, Jonathan Denis, hired Wallace to get phone logs of journalist Alanna Smith because he was getting bad press. I imagine there will be lots of jobs like that coming out of the woodwork through all this, but let's look at the bigger picture. 

Canada is one of the easiest places for a few religious zealots with a nefarious goal to remove the leader. We have strong laws protecting religious rights and freedoms, which allow churches almost unfettered power. 

In 2002, Ezra Levant gave up his seat to Harper who went on to win the election. He originally refused, but then flipped his position, and likely for some reason/payoff. Levant is a profiteering capitalist making money from division and polarization by getting people mad at each other through Rebel News, which is state sponsored hate speech. It was a formula perfected by Steve Bannon.

PBCC was involved in Canadian politics prior to Harper's reign. In 2006, Harper was someone who accepted other views, who disagreed with a whipped vote on same sex marriage and was aware that re-opening the abortion debate would divide the country and be bad for his party. It's very different now. There was a 2010 video of Harper with senior members of the PBCC. Now Harper runs the International Democratic Union, a "who's who of conservative assholes across the world" who commit criminal acts under the rights from God, and is attached to Putin. (Note: they walked this back in a June 15 episode of Blackballed - that the IDU isn't that sketchy, but I watched it live, and it doesn't seem to be uploaded yet.)

In January 2018, Patrick Brown stepped down as leader of the Ontario PC party amid sexual impropriety allegations. In 2017, Warren Kinsella and Lisa Kirby are alleged to have coached a girl from Brown's office, Chelsea Nash, to claim a sexual encounter. The #MeToo movement really helped with political takedowns! Wallace admits he helped take Brown out of play, but it would have been worse with him as leader since he was a dictator in the making, a hardcore criminal and profiteer, a snake-oil salesman and religious wacko. He regrets it and feels guilty for unleashing Ford, but, "It's the difference between Hitler and Attila the Hun." Brown was a competent politician; Ford is a competent drug dealer, not a politician, and shouldn't be near any government in charge. Jacobson tried to help Brown, and gave him specific conditions to follow (basically keep your mouth shut for a few days), but Brown broke them immediately, and Jacobson told him to fuck himself. These two really hate Brown! After stepping down, Brown allegedly hired a firm to geofence Lisa MacLeod's house (put it under surveillance) because her husband, Joseph Varner, works in the weapons industry, and Brown was worried about being killed. Ford and Dean French knew about it (Ford's former chief of staff who started his own criminal empire).  

This was all a Russian deal to remove Brown (who's against casinos) and choose Ford because he's a criminal and an idiot. He'd be willing to take a cut and keep his mouth shut. Doug helps to get Russian and American money in. French admitted to passing information to Russia. Note: there's no link to Russia in the Klondike Papers. The leadership vote for Ford was rigged through voting machines, so Christine Elliott won the leadership race, really, but she didn't cheat as well. The best thief won. 

Mitchell was behind the Trudeau sex scandal in October 2019, claiming he hooked up with a student, which was entirely fabricated. Mitchell brought it up to Jacobson as if he was proud of it, certain Trudeau would lose the election.

Ford's recent win is because it's all a closed system with the media covering it to shape the narrative. If we're told Ford has an insurmountable lead, then people don't show up to vote. We try to tell people the polls are bullshit, but they don't believe it. We can draw a line from Chipeur to Twitter to Ford. Claims of a connection appear to be without evidence. The connections are there. Liberals work above board. They'll try to get people through the media, and they'll play dirty, but they have a line they don't cross. Only the Conservatives will pay for underhanded business, and they have financial backing through PBCC and many other fundamentalist Christian groups. Media corruption started with Harper allowing the sale of media to foreign interests. PostMedia is owned by the US and affected by Russian dark money interests. Ford is good for business for big corporations and foreign interests. He's a useful idiot. A Press Progress report explains that Ford's adviser relayed message to Ford about Ontario meeting with Russian Federation. Frank Klees, former MP under Harris, current corporate lobbyist, and good friend of Ford's, was involved in setting up the meeting. Wallace arranged the appointment between Ford and Putin Kriill Kalinin, a Russian Embassy attache, back in 2018 to augment Russian-Canadian relations "especially in the area of bilateral trade and business opportunities." Wallace and Jacobson  think that Ford's not directly involved in this; he just goes where the money is. Ford's a gangster. The church is a skilled criminal. But, the church wants social changes, promoting an anti-gay, anti-abortion agenda, though, so we might see more of that now that he's in again. 

Jason Kenney is in bed with these people. Jacobson thinks he's mainly naive to how he's being used. 

Poilievre has been connected to Chipeur. He's breaking from the conservative position and could go all in with the MAGA crowd. He's a true believer and benefitting from the money they offer.  He's promoting freedom, but it's fascism propped up by evangelical dark money that forced our capital city into a lockdown for three weeks. There's no paper trail to support connections with the convoy. Harper is pulling the strings, but the PBCC is in charge influential

An Australian based faction of PBCC were in trouble for interference in New Zealand elections. They need to be in trouble here, too. 


Some of the language and wording used by Bruce Hales, the top guy at PBCC, was used in inciting the January 6th attempted coup in the U.S., but that's about all I've read about that connection, and elsewhere it's claimed that it's improbably because the PBCC supported Hillary. I have a sense there's much much more. These videos and articles focused mainly on Alberta Ontario. (Lots of discussion of Ontario politics in the podcasts, but the KPs focus on Alberta.)

The convoy is generalized as white supremacist, but that's just one faction of the group. Conservatives are  divided between the regular conservatives, the extreme right (Evangelicals and Jewish/Zionist) and the new right (white supremacists, who are anti-semitic). They're not conservatives; they're fascists. The new group is bought and paid for by foreign interests, and the mainstream media are doing them a big favour by not reporting any worthwhile stories as they're largely controlled by American and Russian forces. It has to be underground journalists breaking the stories and hoping they don't get killed, literally.  This was all conjecture in the video. There's no evidence for any of this. 

Jacobson is Jewish and says he never has issues with Evangelicals because they have common interests on earth, despite completely opposing ideas of the afterlife. They don't try to convert people because they believe the messiah will make you a christian. Both support Israel as the only hope for democracy in the region, as do Harper and Kenney. Jacobson introduced Kenney to Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. 

The convoy started as an anti-mandate protest for freedom of cross-border movement for the unvaccinated. It was online and gaining some steam, and then was hijacked by a well-organized PBCC. This hijacking of the convoy was discussed quite a bit in interviews, but there's no evidence for a PBCC-convoy connection.  Diplock was in contact with Chipeur. They're deeply involved; it's an Alberta thing. They wanted to make chaos and present the government as paralyzed to be able to take down Trudeau. It's not about Canadian values and upholding the Charter, but about getting criminal elements into our country by taking out Liberals. Foreign interference in elections has been taking place for years in Canada with Russian money directed to fringe movements. - Also little evidence for Russian money in Canadian politics. 

Poilievre argued that invoking the Emergencies Act was an overreach that just shows how little freedom we have in Canada now. But the people in the convoy were working for these churches, and we had an insurrection. The Emergencies Act was the only way to get control back. The government is in a vulnerable position. Canada has been bought and paid for. We needed the Emergencies Act to stop our country from being set on fire. There were 36 active intelligence groups on the ground in the convoy. No evidence for this in the papers. This explains why the police didn't step in and the act wasn't invoked earlier. Intelligence assets on our soil put Canada at risk. It was a delicate situation fighting enemies from within and out. Canada's democracy was under siege. Ford wasn't involved in the planning. Dean French was more involved in the convoy. If Trudeau hadn't invoked the Emergency Act when he did, the occupation in Ottawa was about to get a whole lot worse. 

Ontario has turned into a criminal stronghold, like Moscow in the 1990s. It's dangerous and getting worse. There are three different criminal organizations vying for casino money. Casinos and churches both launder money, and religious protections in Canada have made BPCC an untouchable criminal den. Patrick Brown accused Great Canadian Gaming of laundering money, but he didn't understand that he was stepping on Brian Mulroney's money. There are other casino groups with Russian interests, including what Ford has interests in. 


We already know Ford's stickers are behind all the uni-directional signs in every school, which made stairwells twice as crowded during Covid as it rendered half as many stairways usable as kids entered and as they left. So of course we all guessed that Doug Ford's label company is tied to PPE companies, which might have led to a hold up in getting masks earlier as they waiting for the right company to buy from, and the reason why teachers had to wear only masks supplied by the board - and likely why we're all supposed to take off our N95s and put on a surgical mask at the doctor's office. And why we have a glut of shockingly crappy masks that got sold to school boards for children to use. We already know his sticker company is enmeshed with PPE sales, like Apollo. But it's bigger than that.

PPCC doesn't believe in is very afraid of Covid but recognized it as a money maker. Hallman, Chipeur, Denis and Pierre Poilievre made a fortune in pandemic fraud using shell companies. No evidence for this in the KP. Every conservative province is a customers of UBT. In Alberta, 60% of PPE were from Brethren companiesPress Progress reported in May that Ford gave an oil company run by PBCC millions of dollars for face masks. Look at the level of markup that might be the reason why a set of rapid tests is $1 in Germany and $50 here - exclusively from Shoppers! Galen Weston was named, but not discussed much, but they must be involved somehow, right?! 

It's happening in many countries: In the UK, dozens of companies with connections to PBCC were awarded 2.2 billion pounds in Covid contracts. 

BUT, one question I still have is, if they're making so much money off PPE, why can't we find rapid tests, and why are they ditching mask mandates??? 


Hardline American and Russian Christofascists are in Canada: God, guns, and businessmen with a briefcase and a Bible.

We need to find the real conservatives among the paid-for extremists. Jacobson suggested polygraphing everyone in parliament and anyone with any decision-making capabilities with respect to financing to scare the hell out of people! We need to re-establish a firm boundary between church and state. We need a national inquiry in Canada to find where dark money is flowing in from. The PBCC needs to be investigated for their financial holdings and contributions as well as for sexual slave trading. The RCMP should be investigating corrupt practices in terms of PPE. All politicians should have tax documents and stock holdings posted, like they do in Norway.


These sources all came from this a tweet by Dr. Norlaine Thomas, specifically this Reddit thread, Press Progress articles, and videos from Blackballed with James DiFiore (here) and the Dean Blundell Show (here and here). Also check out Michael Bachelard's book, Behind the Exclusive Brethren about what they did to Australia. 

Remember that The Newsroom episode, when they called out the Tea Party as the American Taliban?? Well we need some more shows like that! We still have conservatives who aren't part of this insanity, and we need to weed them out and end this cultish foreign invasion in our political system!

ETA: I'm happy to post comments that disagree with information from these podcasts, but I don't post random insults. If you think it's horribly written or stupid or so boring, you really don't need to let me know! And, as I said from the get go, I don't know how much any of this is true. It could all be total bs, but please don't shoot the messenger! Let's aim for more light and less heat on this one. 

ETA (August 2022): Richard's tweet: "This rabidly homophobic, misogynist and racist cult provides extensive backdoor funding for Conservatives globally including illegal undisclosed phone canvassing."

ETA: Brethren Church charged with fiunds misuse.


The Cailleach: Another Blogging Ginger said...

Thanks for this synopsis. I hope many read it and share it!

Marie Snyder said...

Thanks for reading! I hope it helped to make sense of it all.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Marie Snyder said...

I saw when Stone joined Ontario Party, and I'm glad they lost their single seat this time. That worried me. Although they have four years to work on building something for next time.

Jackie Blue said...

Excellent summary of this mindboggling scandal! What I want to know is if the legacy/establishment media themselves are compromised (I'm sure Postmedia is but what about Global, CTV, the Star and the CBC?), or just too frightened or stupid or addicted to "access" to report on how balls-deep the conservatives are to this puppeteer mafia church? Who watches the watchmen? This needs to be blown wide open, blasted at the top of every broadcast and on the front page of every paper, instead of the incessant whining about airports and other insignificant nontroversies.

It has all the makings of a January 6th equivalent in Canada. As Hillary Clinton said, this is a vast right-wing conspiracy. More investigation is needed, especially into Harper's connections to Viktor Orbán, the fascist dictator of Hungary, through the IDU Alliance that was originally founded by Reagan and Thatcher back in the '80s. Orbán in turn is a Putin ally. What a tangled web they weave.

Marie Snyder said...

The Toronto Star certainly has a different feel to it since changing CEOs, and the rest definitely might be unwilling to cross a bureaucratic agenda. OR they might think it's all a conspiracy that won't hold up to scrutiny and don't want to waist their time! Time will tell. I hope, if everything is verified, that something comes of it, though. It's frightening to think we're all just sleepwwalking through this.

Marie Snyder said...

*waste their time! It's early.

Deb Prothero said...

Thanks for compiling this, Marie. Will send to a couple of people in the US who research deeply into these characters. I noticed that David Wallace was asking for cover yesterday on Twitter. They have him pinned down where he is with PBCC watching his home. Hopefully someone responds. Also I'm going to write about the problems I saw with our election here in Ontario. We need to get rid of the tabulators because they can potentially be affected by the software loaded on them. We need to go back to paper ballots.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review of this mind boggling conspiracy theory. You did a great job of making the incredible sound even more idiotic. Some of the connections aren’t just tenuous, they are ridiculous. There are a lot of people spending amazing amounts of time trying to destabilize countries and politics. This is the downside of social media. Every goon has a voice. Enjoy your mindless exercise.

Marie Snyder said...

@Deb - I saw that tweet from David. I hope he stays safe!

Anonymous said...

The Cdn media is all owned by extreme RW and Harper appointed RWers to CBC so I think they are all compromised and complicit by their silence

Anonymous said...

Lol. Some of the comments here are outright hilarious especially that the mainstream Canadian media are owned by right wing. Conspiracy theories 😂😂😂

annbyule said...

There is a continuing problem with the American assest management companies owning our Canadian Newspapers. Postmedia's concentration of ownership solidifies the growth of Fascism and criminality.
Thank you for this article. Much of what you say echoes what I have been discovering. Criminals only care about money. Parasitism seems to be their prime methodology. People know parts of this story. Time for us all to step up.

Anonymous said...

Where can I read the papers? I can't find the source docs...

Marie Snyder said...

I believe the 6,000 pages of documents were only sent to select journalists to cover. Seems similar to what Snowden did.

Anonymous said...

I so agree that the news media is very compromised if not down right bought and paid for. It was so obvious with the convoy accupation. The attempts to white wash it as a peaceful protest fell flat as we watched in real time the hate flowing from the convoy people.

@sunnshiiny said...

The ownership of Canadian media is publicly available. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church were exposed by media in Australia for trying to influence the outcome of elections in Australia and New Zealand in the 2000s they changed their name from the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren to PBBC around this time for PR purposes. Their history and how they operate was exposed in a book released by Australian journalist Michael Bachelard in 2008 called "Behind The Exclusive Brethren" the PBCC have numerous times unsuccessfully tried to gag Michael Bachelard and his articles on them. Everything David Wallace said about them is true, I have had first hand dealings with this religious sect.

Anonymous said...

Since you won’t allow my previous comment since you are bias supporting the liberal agenda to install nothing short of a dictatorship I’ve taken it upon myself to copy this article and will be thoroughly debunking your bs story to the fullest and ousting your far left radical fascist ideology. I have no political allegiance but I’ve done my research. You want to see corruption look into Trudeau.

Marie Snyder said...

Hi Anon at 9:13, Sweet of you to drop by. I don't post random insults, so some of your former comments might have been deleted along with the many many nasty comments that I've deleted so far. I have no pony in this race, and it's not, by any means, MY story. I've posted a summary of what I've seen of this so far because it's in the air and very confusing. I want to save people the trouble of watching several 2-hour long podcasts and scanning through the threads and articles if they're interested in a summary of all the links I posted at the end. I say at the very beginning that I don't know if any of it is true and that I haven't fact checked any of it. I don't have that skill set. My blog isn't a country with me set up as dictator; it's just a place I put my personal writing to help sort out the world for myself and typically just a few others who follow along. You're very welcome to debunk all of this! Have a lovely day.

Suz said...

Lol, ok Anonymous


It appears, by the language you use, that you do have a pony in the race. Your dislike of the Conservatives, and particular members of that party, is quite apparent. It may be more accurate of you to say that nothing anyone says or does will matter any more now that the Klondike Papers have been revealed. All those named in them will be reviled, political reputations will be badly tarnished, and others will need to fade quietly into the background. All in all, your article appears to be a thorough summary of the cast of characters, with lots of references for those like myself to chew through. It may interest you to know that the rumblings of these things were enough for me not to renew my membership in the CPC because I was disturbed by some of the things I was learning about certain candidates. The Party is already in disarray; soon, it will be a shambles. Well done.

Marie Snyder said...

I'm definitely not a Ford fan, but my 'pony' comment was in reference to whether all this is true or a well orchestrated conspiracy - although most conspiracies don't have someone like Wallace saying: "Here's what I did." I find the story compelling, and many reasons to believe it, but it's also so out there and so much like a movie pitch, that if it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax, I wouldn't be surprised at that either. I really hope someone with fact-checking skills can do a deep dive at the source and let us know what they find. And if it IS all verified, then something really needs to happen to shut it down.

Anonymous said...

I don’t want to be dismissive of all of this but I will say that much of this seems very SUS to me. Pointing to churches, calling the truckers fascists and your premise of PPE & the whole corrupt Covid 19 situation has a lot lacking.

Unknown said...

Searching for the "Klondike Papers" brought me to your post. I appreciate how you're breaking down the implications but I still haven't found any source documentation. Have the Klondike Papers been published or just alluded to?

Guy G.

Marie Snyder said...

@Anon at 1:07 - It seems really SUS to me too! That's why many are hoping a bigger media team will pick it up and look into it further. Please read the beginning of the post carefully - they're not MY premises or assertions. I've summarized what was said by David Wallace and Nathan Jacobsen over a few interviews. Watch the videos I link at the bottom and read that Reddit thread for more details.

@Gus - The documentation is 6,400 pages of files that, as far as I've heard on these videos, has been released to select journalists. It might take some time before we hear more about it if someone IS sifting through it all. That's similar to what Ed Snowden did when he came out as a whistleblower.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the compilation of info about this Christo-fascist organisation that's threatening the fabric of Canada, I sincerely hope the EA Inquiry deals with this, and the charitable designations in this country need to be reassessed.

Dino Techie said...

How ironic that this post has included that great clip from "The Newsroom". It exemplifies precisely how the journalistic opinion was then - facts, only the facts. Most of today's 4th estate is no longer trustworthy, especially on political issues in Canada OR the US. Citizen journalism, podcasts and blogs are far more factual. Today's 4th estate as a pillar of Democracy has crumbled and is a sham, no better than reality tv shows like The Apprentice.

And thank you Ms.Snyder for the well-articulated synopsis for which Media should emulate.

Lis Soderberg said...

How much did it cost for Ontario Party to hire Stone, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Why are we surprised? This is politics, it doesn't matter what side it is. Its a dirty dirty game. You are essentially voting for which criminal benefits you the most. The Trudeau camp is entangled in all kinds of the same shady dealings. The interests of the common people is the last thing on their minds, its all about chasing the dollars. If you're a Liberal supporter in Canada and grasping and this like its a big deal, you need to take a step back and understand the same tactics are happening in your own party.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this😀

Anonymous said...

Ehhh doesn't represent actual Conservatives and I dislike having us associated with this absolute bs

Mike S said...

You mentioned that both casinos and churches are laundering money.

Do you mean the PBCC or churches in general? If its the latter, what evidence do we have? Most churches can barely keep the lights on.

Marie Snyder said...

I mean just the PBCC (and likely a few others), but not the legit churches.