Saturday, November 26, 2016

Standing Rock Resistance

Chris Hedges is in Standing Rock, back to his original career as a war correspondent. The natives there are preparing for winter, and I'm struck by the contrast to the Occupy fight that dwindled away when things got cold. I'm curled up on the couch as I write that, so I mean no disrespect. But the world needs the kind of activists that can batten down the hatches for the long haul, so I'm so grateful we have such a strong contingent on sight for this battle.  You can donate easily here.

Try to take 15 minutes to watch. They get into an excellent bit on environmental racism and climate justice: how poorer areas are disproportionately targeted by fossil fuel industries, and the strong ties between fossil fuels and cancer, and the problem with accepting the methods of the colonizers - the master's tools.

The Onion also has a perfect bit that's only a 2-minute read!

ETA - Sorry, the embed video was taken down, but here's a link to a full version. It's longer, but the first half is an explanation of what's happening.


Owen Gray said...

There are tough days ahead, Marie.

Marie Snyder said...

Yes they are. I'd really like Obama to step in and... do something. I am absolutely terrified that, if they're there when Trump's in charge, he'll open fire on the lot of them. Take them out in stretchers like in the good old days.