Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Covid Info for Therapists

Many people are seeking out therapists to help them with the mental health issues that are a result of Long Covid.

Some of their experiences have been horrific. I've written about my own experience with a mildly annoying therapist who wanted to treat my "germophobia" with some CBT and a 5G repeller! The gaslighting is bad enough when you're trying to get help for dealing with administrators that turn a blind eye to the ongoing pandemic, but it's so much worse when you're seriously ill with a virus people still try to deny. The AIDS protests and ME/CFS activists have paved the way for Long Covid sufferers, but it's still frustrating that we have to do it all again! You'd think we could learn from the past 40 years. 

And little is worse when you're sick than being told that it's all in your head. 

Luckily, two burgeoning Marriage and Family Therapists, Olivia Belnap and Erin Batali, created a lovely and informative slide deck designed for therapists to help understand clients with Long Covid, and it could be shared with any prospective therapist to ensure they're on the same page before you start therapy. Beyond that, it would be useful for anyone in healthcare to scroll through to make sure they understand the seriousness of this. Or anyone really. 

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