Thursday, July 27, 2023

Sinead O'Connor's Fight to Bring Truth to Light

The very first CD I ever got was a gift from a boyfriend after he bought us our very first CD player: He woke me up one morning back in 1990 with Sinead O'Connors' I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. I wrote about the fond memory 10 years ago when I questioned how she tried to teach Miley Cyrus a lesson.

For the most part, she was someone I greatly admired. I remember watching that infamous SNL episode in 1992, and it provoked me to look into what she was on about. I had no idea. That's what good activism does - it gets people asking questions and reading. She largely got booed and harassed for her efforts. That's what happens in the first stages of activism on an issue. People get mad at you. People don't want to know; they fight the truth. I try to remember that when people are annoyed by my mask before I let them know that the wealthy demand that people around them be masked so they don't have to be. And we're making them money by dying earlier!!

It was another ten years after that SNL episode before the Boston Globe cracked the case on sexual abuse in the church and won a Pulitzer for their efforts. Bringing truth to light takes time, but it can be so hard to be patient.

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