Monday, September 12, 2022

Trustee Campaigning: An Expensive, Two-Month Long Job Interview

A friend asked me You don't put your own money into doing this, do you, and deliver all the fliers to each door yourself??

Short answer: Yup! Running for trustee is like a very expensive and time consuming, two-month long job interview!

For trustees, there is no budget for campaigning. The money needed to create fliers and signs, which is the bulk of expenses necessary to get our names out there, are entirely paid for by each trustee, out of our own pockets. I spent about $2,000 so far! But the more signs that go up, the more people might remember my name on October 24th, out of a list of ten at the very bottom of that lengthy and complicated municipal ballot.

Some people have the impression that we pay people to deliver fliers as well, but that's out of reach for most people running, which is unfortunate, since the area I cover, the City of Waterloo and the Township of Wilmot, is bigger than covered by any prospective city councillor or mayor in the region. I thought I was in great shape for this, but a couple times I've come home so tired from hours of walking (after biking 20km or so to get to each area) that I could barely make it in the door. Fortunately, a few lovely people have come out of the woodwork to take a section of area off my hands and campaign for me, which is an amazing support that I didn't expect!

For first timers, it's only after people meet you at the door or hear about you on-line, and think you might fit with their ideals, that a few offer to donate $10 or so. That's daunting to a newly-retired single mum with one more kid to help through university. But, a little at a time, and with a few incredibly generous donations, I've almost covered half my costs so far. I'm so thankful for the support people have offered! 

It's all worth it, though, if I can possibly help to make our schools safer and more welcoming for all of our students and staff. 

That being said, if you want to support me, and live in my area, email me for a sign, and/or donate from anywhere by eTransfer to!

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