Thursday, July 23, 2020

Some Paintings

I got on a painting kick this week. I haven't picked up a brush in years, but, seeing as I have nowhere else to go, I gave it a whirl.

It started with my obsession over a photograph of Charf Lloyd taken by Kirk Tsonos. This is my rendering of it all:

Then my oldest wanted to buy two famous prints, but couldn't find them anywhere, so I indulged her.

Magritte's "Le Beau Monde"

Those two each took about 4 hours, but they also wanted Rousseau's "Two Lions on the Lookout in the Jungle," which took me about 4 DAYS to do. So many leaves!!!

My youngest has one in the docket for tomorrow, but I think it'll be a fast one.

ETA: Last one: the opening shot from Princess Mononoke:

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