Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Like a Good Horror Film?

Most terrifying thing I've seen:

We're headed for 10 degrees in the next 20-30 years, and we will hit human extinction at 4 degrees?? Do I even bother to go to work today??

We've missed the window that could allow a gentle reversal. The only solution, he says, is to give the planet back to the planet. We need to re-wild nature and live a completely localized life - no international trade, no mass production. We have to stop doing stuff. Immediately. Maybe reconnect with your ancient beliefs that helped people cope with a lack of control over the massive tragedies befalling them, in their incomprehension. We won't be able to get our heads around what's about to happen. The wealthy still think they're above it all and not part of nature; they're not worried because they've been blinded by opulence.

"What comes after growth is maturity."

Maybe if this all sinks in, we'll all stay home to hug our children and other loved ones, maybe play in a park or go for a walk, and that will actually help us eke out a few more years.


The Mound of Sound said...

The best I can say is that his projection is well outside the consensus. The worst is that the climate consensus over the past 30 years has been notoriously and persistently over-optimistic.

From what I've read and the couple of scientists I infrequently email I expect we will see and experience substantial change over the course of the coming decade. This is predicted in Camilo Mora's theory of a new phenomenon, 'climate departure', that his U. Hawaii team warn will set in beginning with more tropical countries, in our case some Caribbean islands and a few of the already reeling Central American states, beginning sometime around 2023. We may be in for a grim surprise at how this will impact our normal hurricane season in duration, intensity and range.

As that Trudeau video you posted the other day notes, whatever befalls the world, Canada's government falls ever farther behind on both mitigation and adaptation, consigning the Canadian people to 'spectator' status.

My guess is that, by the time 2030 nears, there will be a lot of our political caste in seclusion.

Owen Gray said...

The future continues to get darker, Marie.

Marie Snyder said...

Hopefully the projections are outside realistic speculation, but there's always that chance that it's on track. Yikes!