Saturday, March 18, 2017

Moving Your Money

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead (maybe)

Here's a little video by comedian Sarah Silverman that suggests you can do your part to oppose Trump's gains in the DAPL mess by, in part, switching to a credit union.

But I was more fascinated by the arguments going on in the comment section that's verging on 2,000 comments. Here's a tiny random collection:
"Everything around her has to do with oil...what a hypocrite. When she lives off the grid completely and has sourced her own food, clothes, shelter, etc from nature..then she can talk. Silverman Newsflash: "People are trying to make money"..omg I had no clue, those monsters! Guess she gives all her away?"
This is a claim made against Suzuki and many other environmentalists who continue to live like the rest of us while they try to make some changes in the world. Political activists have to be perfect in deed and attitude before they should expect anyone to listen to them. This is unlikely to happen; therefore, we never have to change our own behaviour.
"I'm sick of FAKE NEWS, this pipeline shit isn't not a big deal at all and yet they have to make it look like one just to get people angry for something that isn't true at all....white people pretty much invented or mastered everything."
Lots of people have radically different ideas about the pipeline, and about the history of Indigenous relations with the earliest settlers, and about history in general. It's a struggle for people to identify what real news actually is. People are skeptical of all news outlets and textbooks to the point that I predict rampant ignorance to come. How do we begin to teach anything to anyone anymore?
"We don't need oil? You're to dumb to even understand how dumb you truly are!...It doesn't matter how you power your car. Unless you plan to do away with all hoses, wires, plastic, cushioning, oh and still need petroleum-based products to make cars."
One way or another, this too shall pass.

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