Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of the Lucky Few?

I've been reading other blogs about mastectomies, and the level of pain described makes me feel like someone's made a huge mistake, and they'll take off all the bandages to find they forgot to remove my breasts! I'm experiencing zero chest pain. I could be taking up to 12 pain pills a day, but I'm down to just four - the minimum. I've got cramps that feel no worse than mild menstrual cramps, but my belly is still puffy from the gas. I have become one with my hot water bottle. And I can comfortably raise my arms enough to put my hair in a ponytail. Of course, because I love to worry, I'm thinking it must get terribly worse. But I could be wrong.

I get my drainage tubes out once I'm "producing" less than 25cc per day, and I'm already there on one side. Many others have tubes in for weeks and then removing them is a horror show. I'm expecting both out within a week. I guess it makes sense that people who comment on forums are likely people who are having a difficult experience. It kind of feels like gloating to say how easy it's been for me.

The bandages are giving me grief though. It didn't occur to me to shave my armpits before surgery, and the bandage tape gets right up in there. I had to get my kids to perform the delicate task of trying to cut some of the hairs that are being tugged whenever I move my arms. And the tape on my back is hella-itchy. I fantasize about scrubbing myself with Goo Gone.

I'm still working at getting my body to relax. It takes a conscious effort to notice my breathing and the tension that gradually takes over from my shoulders to my toes. My body is still recovering from the shock of it all, and it's not ready to let down its guard completely despite my reassurances that it's all over.

My kids, on the other hand, were wiped by the experience. It's emotionally draining to sit at someone's side all day. And now I'm worried about how much school work they're not getting done because they're practically in a coma.

It's curious how they take the shape of their containers.

My cats have been in heaven about all the snuggly time on the couch. I seem to be the only one with any energy around here! It doesn't help to be surrounded by Hallowe'en candy. I was so good about making sure I ate really well before surgery, and then yesterday I was up to my elbows in Kit Kats and Nibs. Today I'm back into raisons and sunflower seeds and raw veggies again. I'll be better in no time!


Lorne said...

It sounds like you are well on the mend, Marie. Glad to hear it!

Marie Snyder said...

Thanks Lorne. I got winded pumpkin carving tonight, so I'm not quite right as rain, but gettin' there!