Tuesday, July 14, 2015

On Thigh Gap

My daughter is worried about it. She just turned 11. She's been sick from the heat a couple times because she wears jeans everywhere. It's a problem.

I told a friend my concerns, and he advised me to ban the internet. But all she looks at on there is Heartland shows and facts about horses. When he drops by he sometimes announces, in a celebratory manner, how much weight his sister or mom lost recently, and when he stayed with us a while, I used to have a no calorie counting at the dinner table rule. He doesn't think he could possibly be having a negative impact on her though. It's tricky to try to weed that out and to talk about it without it raising hackles. 

But he said he's concerned too because, "She definitely has thigh gap, so she shouldn't be worried about it. If she actually didn't have thigh gap, then I could understand her not wanting to wear shorts."


Sometimes it feels like I'm arguing with the whole world and nobody actually gets what I'm saying.

ETA this video:

Thank god for animals who like their bellies rubbed. Seriously. These little diversions of cuteness keep me going.

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