Monday, June 2, 2014

Backyard Studio and Garden Build

Three summers ago, I decided to take over the backyard, get rid of the playhouse that the kids had deserted, and build a big garden and waterfall with a little studio to work in.  The next day, my son said all he wanted for his birthday was to take over the backyard to build an outdoor workout area with a wall, trapeze, a pole to climb, and boxes to flip off of.

The novelty wore off after two years, and now it's my turn.  The studio needs some interior work, and the waterfall is barely started, but the rest is coming along nicely.  

ETA:  Here's a video of the waterfall:


karen said...

Nice work! You do rock!

The Mound of Sound said...

Very nicely done. What's your hourly rate?

Marie Snyder said...

Thanks Karen and Mound. My rate is free (plus beer).

Lorne said...

And I thought I was doing myself proud simply by putting flooring down this winter! I'm in awe, Marie.