Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Possible...

That's something, then, isn't it.

The IPCC released the final third of their missive today.  We can get out alive, and with reasonable economic stability, but only if we dismantle fossil fuel energy and replace it with renewable energy sources.  "The era of fossil fuel energy is ending."  Desmond Tutu adds, we need to campaign against all fossil fuels causing the "injustice" of climate change.

It means that some very very powerful people will be out billions of dollars.  What will it take for that to happen?  Are we ready for it?  Can we apply consistent pressure long enough to see it through?

Well see....


  1. Although I consider myself a cynical realist, Marie, the report encourages me. And this is literally a life and death issue that we must never abandon hope and activism on, until there is no one left to fight.

  2. The usual tired has beens like Desmond Tutu etc..are commenting. The media takes about 40 pages and runs with it. At least the report comments on "adapting" which is a more reasonable approach than the usual rants and anti-capitialist drudge that enviros usually come up with. Sorry fellow bloggers, oil isn't going anywhere. Since most of you are living quite nicely in the comfort of capitalism, you might as well enjoy yourself. Been there, done all of that. Not looking back. The west is an easy target. Put your energy into China, India, Russia if you really cared.


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