Saturday, August 24, 2013

Law-Abiding Politicians

"I think politicians are entitled to private lives," - John Baird

Yet another article in today's G&M - page 3 no less - about pot smoking politicians.  Recently Trudeau admitting to having a puff since becoming an MP.

I totally support legalization of marijuana, and I don't care if you were a junkie as a teenager, but I think all politicians should be law-abiding while in office, and, ideally, maybe even a few years prior.  Is that so much to ask?

I remember once, in my early 20s, sitting with friends when a joint was being passed around.  One friend got up and left because she was thinking about becoming a cop and didn't feel right being in the same room with people breaking the law.  She was just thinking about it.

That's the kind of politicians I want.  Once you start thinking about getting into politics, you've got to clean up your act.

Which is why I prefer to just blog about politics and write them letters!

Back to Baird's comment:   I agree that politicians should be able to have time to do their own thing without public scrutiny.  I even think they should be able to have affairs without people getting in their face about it.  Why is that anybody's business?  But that privacy should end if they break a law.  And we have a right to know if that's something they've done recently.

Maintain the laws while you work to change them, UNLESS, of course, the law is so heinous that it should be broken in protest.  But I don't think we're there with marijuana laws.  Not nearly.

And let's get it out of the front section of the papers.  Maybe a "Style" spread would be more appropriate.

My last two cents before an internet-free week.  Have a good one!     


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

That's a very unprogressive attitude. If everyone followed unjust laws and timidly worked within the system to change those unjust laws, there would be no progress, only stagnation and regression.