Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raising Gable Ends Alone

It's more physically demanding than raising kids alone, yet no less fraught with peril.

I'm just documenting my morning of partial success on my studio construction.  I was ecstatic to figure out all the angles for the gable end.  And it all fit perfectly - more or less.  But then how to get it up there on my own?  What if it falls on my head?  It's not that heavy, but it's awkward.  I took pictures to document it in case I died in the process!

Once I got it here, I just had to climb the ladder with the end.  I'm small and weak, but nothing if not persistent!  I managed it one ladder rung at a time.   It was tricky at the top, because I ended up on the wrong side of it (between the gable and the wall), and the peak kept swivelling downwards, when I'd prefer it sit upwards.  So I did this:

And that worked enough to get up and just push it up in place.  Easy!  But then it started to pour even though the forecast still suggests I have a good two more hours of sunshine.  Liars!

I risked electrocution rushing to get two screws in to secure it in place so it doesn't fall over with a gust of wind.  I can't use a hammer to save my life.  My first boyfriend, back in the 80s, got me to do all the fixing up in our house out of sheer laziness, but it made him pretty feminist especially in those days.  My favourite line of his: "Power tools are the great equalizer of the sexes."  I can use a drill as efficiently as a guy, but I don't have the strength to pound nails in.  But it means I can't work in the rain.

I threw a tarp on my tools, and ran for cover and took this shot from the deck.  Now I wait impatiently for the rain to end, fearing that it'll all be for nought if the end blows over.  

One to go, then the ridge board, rafters, and plywood.  Then I'll tarp it for a few days to recover at Mooseman before I try my hand at shingling.    

An accidental selfie as I escaped the rain:

ETA - It stopped raining long enough for me to do this - then it started again.  At least it's all secured. 

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