Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post, the First

I have three four other blogs. Project Earth is all about the environment, what we're doing politically to save it and/or destroy it, and what my school is doing to try to help in what little ways we can. Snyder's Symposium is all about education and primarily about my struggles with learning some new computer programs as I'm dragged kicking and screaming into the present. Part of that challenge was to create a blog on Wordpress, so there it is. The third blog is all secret with a secret title and pseudonym. That's where I share my innermost thoughts about life with a bunch of, mainly, American bloggers - my "invisible friends." It occurred to me that many posts there could be made public without incriminating anyone, particularly myself. So here's yet another time-suck venue to soak up the overflow from my brain.  ETA: And a fourth blog, Random Thoughts on Film, holds on my many comments about movies I love or hate.

I had to run through a list of blog names that were taken before I decided on "A Puff of Absurdity." I like that it can be read in different ways. It's from a line from a book I'm reading on Montaigne, in explanation of how to reach happiness through the revelation that nothing in life need be taken seriously if one holds an attitude that turns principles in on themselves leaving only, wait for it, a puff of absurdity. But the title could also provoke an image of someone smoking, inhaling just a puff of the weirdness that is life.

The funny think is, when I was searching available titles, all having something to do with absurdity, each one produced a blog without any posts! That's hilarious! Well, all except my first choice. I wanted to call it Epekho, an old greek term which loosely means "suspending judgment." I chuckled at the illusion the word holds of a shockingly large prostitute (in stature or ability). But someone of a religious bent owns it. Then I tried Ataraxia, How Absurd, and Absurdity, all of which are post-less blogs, perhaps aborted attempts at making sense of it all.

I hold no delusions of that possibility.

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